Recent Updates


Update 0.12.1

Update 0.12.1 is a minor update.

The main change in this update was improving the mobile look of the site. We also removed the Dashboard, and the ability to link tasks for now, to make Jottle simpler to use.

From December 8th forward, invoices will be available directly on Jottle. If you require an invoice from before this date please contact us directly.

We fixed a few minor bugs in this update:

  • Links were taking a while to create
  • Links were sometimes not clickable
  • Removed box around the task creation, and cleaned up this look a little bit

Update 0.12.0

Update 0.12.0 focuses on easier usability for new users.

We understand how difficult it is to learn a new software solution. We want learning Jottle to be as easy as possible. In this update, we focused on making Jottle more in line with how you complete every-day tasks, using language that is less technical than "Applets" and "Datastream", for example. We focused on making it easier to find the answers to your questions by putting tutorials and helpful prompts where it feels natural.

Usability Updates:

After this update, we will begin referring to the left-hand navigation menu as the "Toolbox". 

  • Removed Jottle navigation from left-hand nav. To access the Jottle Navigation page you use breadcrumbs.
  • Moved Tasks up the list of tools so that it is more nicely organized and sorted into what you use most.
  • Renamed ”Applets" to "More Tools”.
  • Removed Contacts from list of core Tools and renamed it to "Rolodex".
  • Renamed "Privileges" to "Sharing”.
  • Renamed "Datastream" to "My Websites”.
  • Renamed“Team Pay” to “Team Management”.
  • Updated the invites process to allow Viewers to quickly accept an invite and encouraged mindful naming on the Assembler’s side.
  • Updated notifications to be more meaningful and easier to read.
  • Added pop up windows detailing possible reasons you might not be seeing data.
  • Added pop up windows detailing what the purpose of each tool is and allowing for bug reporting.

What’s new in Tools:


Updates will now have three options for post visibility:

  • Only me
  • Only members of the Jottle Owners privilege group
  • Everyone with access

There are now two options when creating an update: “Create” and “Create and Send”. “Create” will not send other members of the Jottle an email, while “Create and Send” will.

We cleaned up the look and usability of the updates page, and made adding an update pop up in a modal instead of always being on the screen.


Cleaned up the look of adding a new task.

Cleaned up the look of editing a task.


Updated the sharing process to give you a better idea of what the recipient will see.

Bug/Performance Fixes

  • Made toggling between Local/Birds eye much faster.
  • Added a loading icon, instead of the Jottle Bob when a tool is loading.
  • Made documents open in a new tab, instead of automatically downloading.
  • Fixed bug where some text fields would try to save as a username in Chrome.
  • Fixed bug where some text fields would reload the page if you pressed enter in Chrome.
  • Fixed bug where images in Support would not show up.

Update 0.11.0

This update comes with a brand new applet!

Introducing Links, a "bookmarking" applet designed to help you store all those important links in a certain Jottle. Links is a free applet and will show up in More Applets.

Update 0.11.0 also comes with a new loading screen.

Additional fields have been added to Biography Marketing to make sure that you can always add the fields you need for your teams bio's.


Update 0.10.1

Update 0.10.1 is a minor update.

It includes design fixes in the Tasks, Media and Documents applets. The search UI has also been updated to fit the full screen.

The logout timer has also been increased from 20 minutes to 60 minutes.


Update 0.10.0

Update 0.10.0 comes with a massive overhaul to the user interface. This updated UI creates an environment where it is much easier to understand the ins and outs of the programs interface.

Your Jottle invites are now displayed in the top right corner next to the search, your notifications, and your account dropdown. When clicked on, it presents a popup allowing you to choose where to place your new Jottle, as well as its display name.

Your critical Jottles are now displayed in orange, and only highlight the very left-hand side of the Jottle.

The applet navigation has been updated to contain the applet names so that you get to know them better.

Update 0.10.0 also comes with dynamic loading, so that when someone else you share a Jottle with updates information on their account, it updates on your screen as well without having to reload the page.