Relax, Jottle is Here

An exciting new opportunity to assemble and share the most meaningful parts of your work and life.

Assemble and Share

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but only in the right context. Jottle is a software package designed to give you different methods of communication to suit your needs. Whether that’s uploading a document, assigning somebody on your team a task, sending an update to your clients, publishing a blog post to your website, or starting a conversation through the app, Jottle has got you covered.

"Jottle saved me!"

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- Danny Grande

The ultimate property management tool

Jottle offers a new way of displaying your property. Using the Commercial Marketing and Data Stream applets, you can easily enter in your properties and have it pulled to your website. The Commercial Marketing applet allows you to see how many times people have viewed your property on any site, and can show you any inquiries people have on it.